Sinkhole in Brazil Almost Swallows Up Two Fishermen


It’s never good when you go out on the water to catch some fish and the water tries to catch you instead…

Two fisherman in Franca, Brazil were in for a little more than they bargained for when a sinkhole opened up underneath the water and started to pull in their jon boat. The terrifying video shows the two men fighting to keep their boat above water (or mud) as the sinkhole pulls everything in the near vicinity down below.

The boat happened to be the perfect size, because the front and the back stayed on land just far enough apart to cover the length of the sinkhole. Almost looked like a classic Saturday morning cartoon gag.

It appears that the water became so low because of the sinkhole that fish were left stranded on the shore, flopping…like a fish out of water. Though the water was being sucked underground and the two men could have attempted to step out of the vessel, it looks like they had to make a business decision.

They either wanted to keep from stepping on the soft ground in fear they might sink too, or they wanted to make sure the boat didn’t go down into the sinkhole. It also could have been both of those at the same time.

Eventually, the boat gets caught on some mud and what appears to be something they lodged underneath. It looks as though they might have originally tried to tie the men up to pull them out through the saturated ground, but instead went with the safer route and used a crane to rescue the two fishermen from above.

The crazy video can be watched below:

You always are supposed to have a great fishing story to tell every time you go out and cast a few lines, and these guys certainly have an exciting one.

Though they didn’t catch any fish (they could have grabbed a couple that were flopping as they were rescued), they managed to save their own lives, and I’d say that is a fair trade for whatever fish they could’ve caught in this weird-ass, sinkhole lake.

And for any fellow Pirates of the Caribbean fans, the video reminded me of the classic scene from the third installment where the fighting ships circle the whirlpool in the middle of the ocean.

Of course, this one is a low-budget rip off in comparison…

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A beer bottle on a dock