Man Pulls Coyote From His Deck And Tosses It Across The Yard

Coyote man

That’s a bold move.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that method before, but the confidence was there the whole time.

Coyotes are a common sight in many urban areas across North America. As humans continue to spread out, coyotes have adapted to living in suburban and even densely populated, urban environments.

Coyotes are opportunistic animals that are always looking for food, and where more people are present, more food will follow. They are known to scavenge for garbage, pet food and sometimes even hunt pets themselves. They have also been known to damage property, such as tearing up gardens, damaging fences and even chewing on furniture.

Coyotes will go everywhere an anywhere looking for food… into your shed, barn, garage, and perhaps, even your home.

That is more than likely the case here as this coyote was found on someone’s deck. It’s definitely something you want to get rid of, and most of the time, you can just chase them off. These wild dogs tend to be pretty afraid of human interaction, but that doesn’t mean you can approach them without caution.

Here, the man is seen reaching down and grabbing at something on his deck, with a shovel in the other hand. You’re thinking a possum, maybe a raccoon, but then he swiftly comes up with a coyote by the scruff of the neck and in one motion yeets it out onto the lawn before it can get at him.

The coyote doesn’t think twice and just takes off.

I mean, that’s just a wild way to go about wildlife removal… but hey, it worked.

@nolansvoboda “Do you have a dog?” Homeowner- “No???” Tracked this guy up to the porch. No animals were harmed # #bestinthebusiness #gohard #yote2023 #coyote #iowacoyote #iowacoyotechasing ♬ original sound – Jim

Coyotes Ravage Dead Mule Deer

Last week, we shared a story on a Maine hunter who came across two trophy bucks with their antlers locked to each other.

One was dead, while the other was still alive.

Now, a similar situation has occurred again… only the dead one, was MUCH worse off…

According to Field & Stream, wildfire archeologist for the United State Forest Service Adam Segroves was traveling to work on November 19th, when he noticed two bucks with their antlers locked up.

Segroves recalled the wild scene:

“I took a look in the rearview mirror, and out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge rack. But the deer’s head was down, and it didn’t come up as I passed by.

Then I realized he was locked up to the antlers of an even bigger buck.”  

When he discovered the locked bucks, one was alive, but was visibly exhausted, and the other had been dead for at least several hours, if not days, and its body had been completely scavenged by a pack of coyotes.

He continued:

“The older 5X5 either passed out or bled out overnight, and the coyotes must’ve ate him while the 4X4 watched and defended himself. The 5X5’s eyeballs were frozen solid when I found them, so he’d obviously been dead for a while.” 

Segroves knew he had to take action and free the other while he was still alive

However, the horns were heavily locked and weren’t budging, so he flagged down a passing hunter who happened to have a field dressing kit with a bone saw.

Although he was able to free the buck, he’s still concerned how long the buck will actually make it, given its condition… he looked pretty shaky walking off. A combination of exhaustion, hunger, thirst… hopefully he can get his strength back quickly.

You can check out the wild scene below:

Massachusetts Hunter Stumbles Upon Gruesome Aftermath Of Coyote Attack

Warning… this one is pretty graphic.

Nature is a cruel beast, it often reminds us of that.

It is beautiful, unexplainable… but cruel.

Predators, the most violent of animals in nature are simply amazing. They constantly hunt to survive, and the things they do and how effective they are in their hunting methods is the envy of any hunter. It’s truly remarkable.

This video shows the aftermath of a coyote attack on an amazing white-tailed buck. The man taking the video is shocked by the crime scene like event he is looking at.

“Oh my god, I can’t even explain to you what I’m walking up on right now

Take a look at this…”

The man flips the camera and a bloody massacre is revealed. Blood. Is. Everywhere.

The buck is still alive and as the man approaches it is looking at him. The man didn’t know exactly what had got him at first. As he approached, all the signs clearly showed a coyote attack with prints all around.

The amount of blood loss there is simply astonishing, as is the resilience of the deer. It’s just incredible how much there is and how much this buck lost while still being alive.

It is crazy how the coyotes have literally tried to eat him alive.

The man can tell the deer’s legs are broken so he called the local fish and game. A town police officer showed up and put the animal out of its misery.

“You don’t see something like this everyday”

If that ain’t the truth. Pretty rare to witness something that is so natural in the wild, yet almost unbelievable to see.

The man looks at the scene and the dead deer is there with coyote tracks all around. The coyotes will have their meal.

It is a healthy reminder of what goes on in the woods and gives an incredible urge to spend the deer off-season chasing after predators like these coyotes. Maybe it will help the odds for baggin’ a big buck next season (I need all the help I can get).

This is the scene I walked up on January 12th, while going on a short hike in a wildlife sanctuary. Coyotes are the only animal allowed to hunt here and they took advantage of the iced over swamp and trapped this buck out on it where he was vulnerable.

Mule Deer Fights For Its Life Against Coyotes

Sometimes predators make me mad.

I get it, they need to eat. But, can’t they just leave the deer for us?

I know, it sounds selfish. These animals have a much harder go of it than we do as people. They don’t have the access to food and basic needs like we do.

But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Coyotes are a very common deer killer in areas they reside. Many people don’t even target them these days due to the low cost of fur at market and in most areas they have no natural predators.

This can create high populations with little to no incentive for people to help manage the populations.

For any deer lover, this is a huge problem.

It’s easy to be mad about a coyote taking out a buck. That’s a buck that someone could have harvested for them and their family.

Sometimes its easy to minimize them taking out a doe and think it wasn’t a deer we could have gotten anyways. But, that doe has the potential to birth many bucks and does contributing heavily to the population in the area.

Needless to say, lets get out there and chase these dogs in the off season.

These two coyotes are seen full on attacking a mule deer. She kicks and fights for all she’s worth.

As each coyote attacks she turns and gives them the boot.

But, eventually she starts to tire out and they are able to start getting better bites in.

The video ends with both coyotes attached to her and we can all guess the ending of this interactions.

A very cool and natural thing to witness.

But, it still gets the gears grindin’ nonetheless.

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