Florida Woman Reels In A Fish With Two Mouths

Two mouthed fish

Finally the old saying makes sense: A fish in the hand is worth two in the mouth. Maybe I am remembering that wrong…

Regardless, this “catch of a lifetime” is a sight to see.

So much so that WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida ran a story on the two-mouthed miracle fish. Debbie Geddes was the lucky angler that reeled in the rare fish while casting in Lake Champlain.

The events happened back in August of 2019, but the video is being spread around the internet once again. Just like the mouth count on the fish, the “viral” story is good enough to go around twice.

Debbie described the process of catching the odd creation of nature in the TV interview:

“I pulled it in and it felt extra heavy this time, so I thought ‘okay this is a good one.’ We got it in and seen the two mouths on it.”

After taking some time to examine the bizarre looking fish, she snapped some pictures and sent them to a co-worker, Adam Facteau, who had a fish-related Facebook page.

Facteau posted the pictures of the two mouthed fish, and of course, it went viral:

The story itself is fascinating, but it is the unknown surrounding the fish that gives it that “viral” capability. What caused it to have two mouths? Was it possibly a birth defect?

Adam Facteau said that guesses came pouring in on the Facebook page he posted the pictures on. One of the more popular shout-outs was the possibility of the fish being exposed to toxic waste.

If you are a Simpsons fan like myself, you might’ve thought of the famous Springfield fish that was the result of the town’s Nuclear Power Plant dumping waste into the river:

What is more impressive? A fish with three eyes or a fish with two mouths?

Considering one happened in the long running fictional TV cartoon and the other occurred in real life, I think we’ll have to go with the two mouths.

Debbie said in the interview “good luck” to anyone that would attempt to catch the unique fish, but wouldn’t the odds of catching it double if it has two mouths?

I’ll have to check the math out on that one, but you have to imagine that a fish with an extra mouth is easier to hook than your run-of-the-mill, one mouthed bass.

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