Nick Saban Takes A Shot At Alabama Basketball Coach Nate Oats While Discussing Suspension Of Safety Tony Mitchell

Nick Saban

It’s no secret that Alabama star basketball player Brandon Miller and head coach Nate Oats have been under some serious fire here lately, after it was revealed that Miller handed teammate Darius Miles the gun that he used to shoot and kill 23-year-old Jonea Davis.

Since Miller’s involvement was disclosed, he has still been allowed to compete in games, including the NCAA Tournament, nor will he face any legal trouble.

Many believe that Miller should face some sort of punishment, and are dumbfounded by the fact that he is still playing basketball right now.

Not to mention, Nate Oats caught a lot of heat for this one quote about the situation:

“We knew about that. Can’t control everything anybody does outside of practice. Nobody knew that was going to happen. College kids are out, Brandon hasn’t been in any type of trouble in this case. Wrong spot at the wrong time.”

However, one Alabama coach is finally revealing his thoughts about the whole situation, and it’s the famed head football coach of the Crimson Tide himself, Nick Saban.

It all went down when Saban announced that former 5-star, and current freshman safety for the Crimson Tide, Tony Mitchell, was suspended after getting arrested for having over 220 grams of marijuana, along with $7,000 in cash.

Saban addressed the situation in a press conference, where he said:

“Tony Mitchell has been suspended from the team and all team activities, until we gather more information about the situation and what his legal circumstance is. Guys, you know everybody’s got an opportunity to make choices and decisions, and there’s no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You gotta be responsible for who you’re with, who you’re around, and what you do. Who you associate yourself with, and the situation that you put yourself in. So it is what it is, but there is cause and effect when you make choices and decisions that put you in bad situations.”

Clearly sending a message with that statement:

Notice the “no such thing as being in the wrong place in the wrong time” part, as it appears to be a shot at Nate Oats.

Love Saban or hate him, but the guy doesn’t put up with the BS, and always tells it like it is.

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