Hunter Comes Across Grunting Buck Who Looks Like He’s Breathing Fire

Big Buck

If you are an avid hunter, the sound of a deer snorting often evokes a feeling of disappointment. You’ve sat up in a tree for so long, only for your plans to be thwarted by a deer with a keen sense of its environment.

Deer sometimes stand and look at a car barreling down a highway towards them and don’t move an inch, but if you move an inch, oh they are going to know and freak out.

It has happened to the best of us.

But this video? This is a whole new level of deer snorting. The buck in this video raises the bar for snorting to heights the hunting world has never seen.

This deer has clearly busted the person with the camera, made evident by the over-the-top blowing sound the deer emits. The sudden release of air through the deer’s nostrils into the cold makes it look like this buck is about to enter into a wrestling arena.

I have to say, usually deer do this to alert of danger in the area, but in true Breaking Bad Walter White fashion, the deer appears to say “I am the danger” with these sharp exhales.

Now the deer doesn’t exactly breathe fire, but the loud, magnified blowing noises it makes towards the camera is probably as close as you can get. With the addition of a Bic lighter near the nostrils of the deer, surely that would’ve promoted some rather large fire balls (don’t think about it too much, just agree).

The buck does run away after the third intimidating snort, and though the person might not be able to taxidermy the deer, they do have a pretty damn cool video to show for it. The cold temperature mixed with the forced exhales of the buck created an amazing visual.

The thing looks like a unit too. If I were the person holding the camera, the “whooshes” coming from the deer might’ve even caused me to do my own snorts back at it. I don’t think it would’ve been effective, but it would be instinctual and probably would feel like the right response in the moment.

Users who commented on the post stated things like:

“Train coming”

“He’s fired up that Turbo Diesel engine.”

“I would’ve had a damn heart attack.”

And my personal favorite:

“So cool I don’t even care you spelled breathe wrong”

Boom, roasted.

It is true, the Instagram video is captioned with “breath” instead of “breathe.” Those two words are tricky though, I will give them that. And like the user said, I am willing to let it slide and look past it since the video was so “breathetaking.”

Yes, I spelled that wrong, but it’s a joke. If you are waiting for someone to come back and fix it, don’t hold your breathe…

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