Derek Wolfe Says Shooting His First Elk Was Better Than Sacking Tom Brady Or Winning Super Bowl: “It’s Nothing Compared To The Elk”  

Derek Wolfe hunting
Levi Mayfield

This is an all-time quote.

I have to say it’s hard me for believe, but it is a testament to what hunting means to all us folks that do it. It is an experience filled with emotion that can’t be replicated any other way.

It is always an honor to harvest an animal and get to put it on the table.

Derek Wolfe has been in the media recently after he was under fire for LEGALLY harvesting a mountain lion in Colorado.

Wolfe is an 8-year NFL player who spent most of his career with the Denver Broncos. Clearly, he has a passion for football but it is also clear that he is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

You can really seethe passion when Wolfe sat down on the Big Guys Hunt podcast and talks about shooting his first elk.

“I’m just like ‘phew’ hammer him behind the shoulder. He runs like 60-70 yards and lays down and dies.

And I didn’t get like all jacked up at first, but then when I finally got my hands on him dude, it’s just like tears running down my eyes”

One of the hosts then asks him how it ranks to sacking the GOAT, Tom Brady, to which Wolfe has a prompt and decisive response that is surprising honestly.

“It’s nothing compared to the elk. Nothing.”

The boys all are kinda in disbelief asking if he is for real.

“Absolutely. Yes, I mean it, yeah.

Holding a Super Bowl trophy in front of a million people and just f**cking, you know everybody’s screaming your name, like dude, I’m telling you the elk by myself. When I had that moment by myself to walk up on an elk…”

The guys all love it and are impressed with the deep impact that shooting this elk had on a man who is so successful in other ways.

This has to be one of the craziest quotes that shows the true meaning of what hunting is.

Upon the retirement announcement, Derek sent Tom a congratulatory Instagram post:

“Congratulations Tom Brady it was an absolute honor to compete against you.

When playing against you we knew that we better bring our absolute best for all 60 minutes. Absolute legend, good luck in the next chapter I know you’ll dominate.”

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