Farmer Sinks Two Trucks Full Of Dirt Into Flood Waters In Desperate Move To Save Crops

Truck in flood

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I grew up around farming and agriculture, and it’s a wild business.

Tons of money being moved around, massive parcels of property, heavy machinery, countless hours invested into managing soil nutrition, plowing fields, planting seed, spraying for pests and harvesting in the fall… all to keep food on America’s tables, clothes on their back, feed in their animal’s bowls, and the countless other areas of life that require farming.

Needless to say, it’s farming that essentially makes the world go ’round…

Government subsidies are involved, depreciation on assets and machines, most people think of the physical work required to run a farm, but the complications of the business side of it will make your head spin.

And all the while, all it takes is Mother Nature to ruin the entire thing.

Farmers in the Central Valley region of California are desperately fighting to save their fields and orchards as flood waters ravage the area. Common crops in the region include cereal grains, hay, cotton, tomatoes, vegetables, citrus, tree fruits, nuts, table grapes, and wine grapes.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the Central Valley produces over 250 crops with a value of about $17 billion per year, contributing an estimated 25 percent of the nation’s food.

So yeah, it goes without saying… flood waters are BAD.

And a video is now going viral showing just what kind of measures these farmers are willing to take.

You can see the man, who has a pickup truck filled with dirt, put the truck in drive and send it unoccupied into a rushing river to help dam up the water. As the truck crashes into the water, and the camera moves closer, you can see it is the second truck they buried in the water.

Apparently, the trucks were totaled and in rough shape to begin with, but nevertheless, quite the wild scene:

And… it worked.

Who knows what kind of damage they saved (both to the orchard, other crops and possibly the neighboring residents) by getting that water stopped.

Of course, the move garnered some criticism in the comments (welcome to 2023) from people who don’t seem to understand the gravity of what’s happening here.

Some were concerned about the gas in the tank polluting the water…


Farmer Sprays Poop At Protestors Trespassing On His Land

Welp, that didn’t go according to plan.

When a group of protestors showed up on a farmer’s land (that’s called trespassing) to have their voice heard against fracking that was going to take place on his property, he decided to take matters into his own hands to remove the group.

These types of protests don’t always go according to plan, as you’ll see.

Another example of this can be seen when a group of vegans locked themselves to duck farm machinery, resulting in one dude almost losing his head…

In this case, the farmer does his best Dale Jr, circling the group with precision, and spraying them with manure.

Great technique here – gives them nowhere to go, boxes them in, ruins some clothes and shoes and everybody is covered in crap. Just like you draw it up.

Check out the s-t storm.

‘The Farmer’s Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Had People In Tears

The Super Bowl has come and gone as the Philadelphia Eagles battled (and ultimately lost to) the Kansas City Chiefs. There were some standout commercials, and some duds, but one in particular had many Americans in tears… and that would be “Forever,” by The Farmer’s Dog.

The dog food company took viewers on a journey of a puppy and owner, spotlighting the special companionship between them over the years, which I think millions of people can relate to.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock