Cat Shows Off Insanely Quick Reflexes Dodging A Snake Bite

Snake Cat

A wise man once said, “the only good kind of snake is a dead one.”

I mean seriously, any kind of creature that slithers across the ground, and up trees without any limbs is absolutely terrifying in itself, and not to mention, they could just be hiding in the grass and attack you when you’re least expecting it…

Nightmare fuel.

And for the people who keep snakes as pets? I mean this respectfully, you’re a psychopath.

I’m very aware that there are technically “good” snakes out there, like black snakes, rat snakes, and king snakes that aren’t venomous, but I think I’d be perfectly content if I never had to see one of those no-shoulders ever again for the rest of my life.

If you ever needed any kind of perspective on just how quick a snake can attack, just take this video for instance.

Here we have a snake that appears to either be a pet, or has been captured for some reason, as it’s sitting in a plastic box.

As you can see, a cat is observing the snake, and the snake is looking right back at it.

The cat doesn’t appear to be threatened in any way, and then all of a sudden, the snake goes for the attack out of nowhere, nearly biting the cat in the face.

However, perhaps the most impressive part of the video is the cat’s agility, as it’s able to narrowly escape a bite in the nick of time. And  kitty got UP there too.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty hilarious watching the cat go flying several feet into the air as it jumps out of the way in the slow-mo video, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do in order to not get bit.

Just an insane display of the cat’s quick reflexes.

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