On This Date: Johnny Cash & Tammy Wynette Win Big At 12th Annual Grammy Awards

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Throw all the adages for this one out, like “they don’t make music like they used to” and “simpler times.”

The 1970’s Grammy Awards, which marked the 12th annual time the event occurred, was chock full of country music greats like the legendary Johnny Cash and the instantly recognizable Tammy Wynette.

The award for Best Country Vocal Performance was given to Johnny Cash for his rhythmic, unforgettable hit “A Boy Named Sue.” The classic song, which was originally written by humorist and poet Shel Silverstein, was a Billboard Top 100 hit for Cash.

The funny lyrics tell the story of a man who grew up resenting his father for naming him Sue, and Cash’s performance of the tune at San Quentin State Prison is the version that earned him the Grammy award.

Cash was also recognized at the award show for his contribution to Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline albumwhich was a record that sounded about as country as Dylan ever got.

Johnny Cash was given the accolade for Best Albums Notes on the Dylan project, and Cash was even featured in the album in a duet with Dylan titled “Girl From the North Country.”

The album marked a stark departure from Dylan’s usual work (and voice), but showcased his ability to cross into multiple genres like he has for his entire career.

Finally, the Female category of Best Country Vocal Performance was won by the Tammy Wynette for the all-time country classic “Stand By Your Man.”

If the song has been stuck in your head lately, it might be because it was recently featured in a trailer to promote the new Showtime series George and Tammy, with Jessica Chastain playing Wynette and Michael Shannon set to play George Jones.

Wynette’s release of “Stand By Your Man” proved to be the strongest record of her career, as it managed to stay at the number one spot on the US Country charts for three consecutive weeks.

The Grammy’s also recognized the talented artist for her bellowing, powerful vocals in the cherished country classic.

Oh to be a fly on the wall during the 12th annual Grammy award.

Country music history was being made in a room full of star artists, and now equipped with hindsight, it might’ve been the one of country music’s biggest moments ever at the Grammy’s.

Take us back to when country music sounded as good as this.

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