God Help Us… Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Ice Cream is Hitting The Shelves Of Walmart

Ranch ice cream

Alright people, we have to draw the line somewhere.

The “Twinkie” and “Oatmeal Crème Pie” flavored ice creams were already a stretch, but apparently there is now a market for Hidden Valley Ranch flavored ice cream.

Ranch dressing lovers rejoice?

I had to check to make sure that it wasn’t April Fools’ Day yet, because the whole idea of this seems like it is straight out of a TV sitcom. The Van Leeuwen Ice Cream company will be partnering with Hidden Valley to release this “Limited Edition” flavor, and something tells me that “edition” being “limited” is probably a good idea. I don’t see this flavor flying off the shelves.

The same ice cream company made headlines (and probably people sick) when they partnered with Kraft Mac and Cheese and released a Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream last year.

I’m starting to think this ice cream company is just chasing clout by announcing ridiculous ice cream flavors. Someone has to stop them before things get out of hand. Where do we draw the line as consumers? I’d say right before they start getting into “Hard Seltzer Flavored” ice cream, but I’m sure people would still be willing to try it.

Are super fans of ranch dressing even asking for this? No person in their right mind would be eating a bowl of ice cream and say “you know this is great and all, but you know what it could use? Some ranch dressing.”

It truly is a travesty to the frozen aisle of the grocery store…

I’ll address the ice cream industry briefly. Let’s stick to the classic flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Sure, go crazy and put them all together in one box and call it Neapolitan, but that is as far as we need to go.

The reactions for the ranch flavored ice cream are already pouring in on social media, and it looks like everything in the world is balancing itself out:

Any positive review is either lying or getting paid by the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream company to say it. There I said it.

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