Kyle Busch Says He Reached Out To Chase Elliott After He Broke His Leg Snowboarding: “At Least 4 Weeks I Would Think”

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Last week, it was announced that star NASCAR driver Chase Elliott would have to miss this past weekend’s Cup Series race after breaking his leg in a snowboarding accident in Colorado earlier in the week, and will more than likely be out for a number of weeks to come.

He received surgery last Friday, and it’s still uncertain how many races he’ll miss this season.

With that being said, one star NASCAR driver has already reached out to Chase Elliott about his accident, and it’s no other than two-time Cup Series champion Kyle Busch.

Busch is no stranger to injury himself, as he’s broken his tibia and fibula in the past, so he knows what it’s like to have to miss a significant amount of time due to injury.

He discussed the situation in a press conference this past weekend, where he discussed the significance of the injury:

“It depends on what and where the break was obviously. It’s mid-leg break and you get a rod and screws, it’s not too terrible, it’s not that bad. But if it’s something more, you know knee or ankle located, then obviously that’s gonna be a bigger issue of a joint that needs to move and bend.

That’s the big piece of what’s unknown at this time from my knowledge anyway. But if it’s just a regular leg break, you know like I had, then you know it’s gonna be at least four weeks I would think, just based off of getting a rod and screws and then your bones are starting to fuse and getting a little bit of fusion going, that’s about the length that it takes in order to get something going, so I’m sure he’s in good hands.”

He also admitted that he reached out to Elliott once the news dropped:

“I reached out to him last night and this morning to kind of just talk to him a little bit about my experience in it, and would be happy to help and talk to him and help him through all the things that I did that helped my speedy recovery.

I just told him when he gets all settled give me a call, it’s a memoir. I’m not gonna type it.”

I guess time will tell on when Elliott’s return may be.

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