Tommy Prine Announces Debut Album ‘This Far South,’ Releases Title Track

Tommy Prine country music
Tommy Prine

Those who grew up just listening to the late, great John Prine were inspired to make some incredible music.

So can you imagine what being raised by him will bring out in an artist?

On June 23rd, we’re about to find out in a complete way.

Tommy Prine, the youngest son of John Prine, released two singles late last year, including “Ships In The Harbor”, which caught the ear of the always on top of it Luke Combs, and now has announced his debut album, This Far South. 

Along with the album news, he released the title track.

In a press release, he said his musical style was inspired of course by his legendary father, but also by summers spent in Ireland (homeland of his mother), and 10 straight years of camping at Bonnaroo, which introduced him to a ton of music not nested under the “Americana” umbrella.

This exposure lead him to create a style of music that is uniquely his own:

“You’re not about to get an hour of John Prine Junior.”

The album is produced by Ruston Kelly and Gena Johnson, who at one point last year staged an intervention of sorts with Tommy, who wasn’t sharing any new songs he wrote with anyone.

The duo convinced him to quit his job, hit the studio, and finally make the record that music fans have patiently been waiting for:

“I found my rock bottom and tried to escape it several times, ultimately finding the courage to see it through to the other side. There were several years where I felt without purpose… spent all my time partying and just existing.

I found myself at a fork in the road and chose the better path, and in that moment, I swore I would never be ‘this far south’ again.”

That’s where this album started, and from just what we’ve heard to this point, shows that pursuing a career in music was the right move.

“This Far South” is a beautiful song, rooted in acoustic guitar, with a very spiritual feel and deep lyrics which combine the cleverness of his father with gut wrenching emotional longing.

“You remind me of every single dogwood tree
When I tried to reach out, I never see you this far south no more
I can’t seem to be any less than all of me
But that won’t work out if words can’t fall out my mouth no more
Angel, walk me through your garden won’t you please again

The nerves inside my heart in Germantown tonight
I’m learning’ that it’s not good to fly
I’ve chosen, the habit that I’m dropping
Coming down’s exhausting
I think I need some help…”

An absolutely beautifully written song that has me super excited for the entire project.

While it would have been amazing for John to see the work of his son, I’d bet he’s smiling down and enjoying it from heaven with a 9 mile long cigarette.

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