Luke Combs Says He Can’t Stop Listening To Tommy Prine’s “Ships In The Harbor”

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Luke Combs has been a champion of up and coming, non-mainstream country artists lately.

He’s been an advocate of 49 Winchester and been known to rock their merch. He’s had Flatland Cavalry, Morgan Wade, and others support him at his shows. But the most recent artist Luke Combs has been digging? Tommy Prine.

When asked “What song can you not stop listening to?” by CBS at The Grammys as part of a “What’s on Luke Combs’ playlist?” segment, Combs’ had a pretty awesome response.

“John Prine’s son, Tommy Prine, wrote a song when his dad passed called ‘Ships in the Harbor,’ and I just can not stop listening to that song. It’s so amazing… wonderful song.”

I don’t blame him at all, I can’t stop listening to this one either.

Much like his father, who is one of the greatest songwriters to ever put ink to paper, Tommy Prine is a spectacular storyteller with a gift for clever and introspective lyricism. While he has only released two songs to streaming platforms thus far in his career, Prine has plans to release his debut album at some point in 2023, and there is no doubt in my mind it’ll be something special.

Despite the fact that his only two singles were both released in the fall of 2022, Prine has been active in the music and songwriting scene for a while now. I had the privilege of seeing him live opening for American Aquarium in 2021, and the way he is able to command a room with his words is something special.

I mean, just read the powerful lyrics to “Ships in the Harbor”

“When I’m standing by water
It gets harder and harder
It’s why I get sad when there’s ships in the harbor
‘Cause they must be leaving soon, as they should…”

“Takes time to know when you’re wrong
Takes even longer to put it all in a song
And I wish it was easy too like he did
When I’m by peaceful waters, it gets harder and harder
I’d do anything just to talk to my father
But I guess he was leaving soon, as we do
Yeah, I guess he was passing through, and I am too…”

His only other release to date, “Turning Stones,” is well worth the listen, too.

And on top of his amazing originals, it’s pretty cool to see Tommy Prine cover some of his late father’s classics.


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