OJ Simpson Weighed In On The Alex Murdaugh Trial And The Internet Had Jokes

I mean, if there’s anybody who knows a thing or two about murdering their wife…

Now, obviously OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. But let’s be real here…everybody still thinks he did it. Maybe because he was found responsible for the murders in a civil trial. Or maybe because he literally wrote a book called “If I Did It” about how he would have committed the murders had he done it.

So yeah, when it comes to being an expert on doing some murdering, OJ is probably one of the people you can turn to for some firsthand insight.

Well for the past few weeks the entire country has been fixated on another murder trial, this one in South Carolina where powerful lawyer Alex Murdaugh was just found guilty of murdering his wife and son back in 2021.

The whole story is absolutely wild. Murdaugh’s family has basically run their small South Carolina town for years as solicitors general (what most states call district attorneys or prosecutors), and had apparently developed quite the reputation for being above the law and being able to make problems go away.

In 2019, Alex Murdaugh’s son Paul was driving a boat while under the influence when he crashed into a bridge and killed one of his friends.

Then, in 2021, Paul Murdaugh and his mother, Alex’s wife Maggie, were both found shot to death on the family’s property in a murder that shook the small town.

Not long after, Alex Murdaugh was shot in the head on the side of the road – a shooting that police would later allege was actually a suicide attempt by Alex, who had hired somebody to kill him so that his remaining son, Buster, could collect Alex’s $10 million life insurance policy.

It’s a wild ride – and one the internet can’t get enough of.

During the six week trial, everybody and their mother has weighed in on the proceedings, especially when Alex Murdaugh himself took the stand in his own defense.

And now, OJ Simpson is giving his thoughts.

In a video posted to his Twitter before the verdict was announced, the Juice said that a lot of people are asking him what he thinks about the Murdaugh trial:

“I don’t know why they think I’m an expert on it.”

I’ve got an idea or two, OJ. But anyway, let’s see what he had to say:

“I gotta admit, when he took the stand, a guy who’s an habitual liar, I did watch when the trial first started, I watched him take the stand.

I think it was probably a mistake because the guy is an admitted liar.”

OJ is either the most self-aware person on the planet and he’s just trolling us all, or he’s completely out of touch with reality. And I’m honestly not sure which.

But either way, after OJ weighed in, the internet did what the internet does and came with the jokes:

Yeah, maybe you should have sat this one out Juice.

But because he really is the gift that keeps on giving, OJ returned to Twitter after Murdaugh was found guilty of the murders to offer some more commentary – and this one was maybe less self-aware than his last video, comparing the trial to his own murder trial:

What a truly wild time we’re living in.

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