Kaitlin Butts Releases New Music Video For “What Else Can She Do”

Kaitlin Butts country music

Kaitlin Butts just doesn’t miss.

And she has a brand new music video out today for “What Else Can She Do,” which was included on her exellent 2022 What Else Can She Do record (our #3 album on our Top 40 albums of 2022 list).

Directed by Kaitlin herself, along with Fernando Garcia, the video stars none other than drag queen Paris Van Cartier, which Kaitlin says she had the idea for after thinking about the line “but her small town pretty didn’t play in the city too well”:

“When I was thinking of ideas for a music video for this song, I thought the song pretty much spoke for itself and we could just tell the story of a girl leaving her no-good boyfriend for the big city only to be going to work at a diner every day.

But when thinking of the line ‘But her small town pretty didn’t play in the city too well’…I thought, what if, instead of a regular ole gal, we had a drag queen be the main character?

And we had this tongue-in-cheek, playful video where no one actually sees her as a drag queen and we shoot the video as if we were telling the story of this ‘simple girl’ working in a diner, who dreams of a more glamorous life.”

The song tells the story of a girl who leaves her hometown for the big city chasing a dreams, only to wind up working “twelve hour shifts pouring coffee for strangers.”

The video even features her real-life husband and Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero, as well as some of her other friends, so make sure you check it out.

It’s definitely one of my favorite songs from the tracklist, so it’s cool to see it get the full treatment with a bonafide music video:

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