Chase Elliott Says To “Rethink Your NASCAR Knowledge” If You’re Shocked By Kyle Busch’s Impressive Start

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Kyle Busch is arguably the most polarizing driver in NASCAR right now.

He’s also arguably one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time, racking up 61 Cup Series wins, winning it all twice, and over 200 wins in his whole career.

And of course, he’s also known for his arrogance, smartass interviews, and has often been dubbed one of the least likeable personalities in all of racing. Any way you slice it, there’s not many people on the fence about Kyle Busch.

That personality was on full display last week at Daytona, when he said after the race:

“I think this was the first time I led lap 200 so I wish it was 1998 rules, but it’s just par for the course, used to it…

Come down here every year just to find out when and where I’m gone crash and what lap I come out of the infield care center.”

He also admitted he had no clue who won:

“I don’t think you’re ever confident, who won? I don’t even know who lucked into it.”

When reporters told him Stenhouse, he sarcastically responded:

“There you have it.”

Kyle Busch, people… love him or hate him.

However, the guy has started his 2023 season swinging, as he was challenging for the wins at the Clash, Daytona 500, and just won at Fontana yesterday. The win also marks 19 straight seasons with at least one Cup Series win, the most of any driver.

Of course, Rowdy is driving with Richard Childress Racing this year, his first season with the new team after running with Joe Gibbs Racing for the past 15 seasons. The change had fans, and perhaps some in the industry, wondering if Busch’s glory days were behind him, now that he’s no longer with one of the heavyweight teams in NASCAR.

However, anyone with half a lick of sense wouldn’t be doubting Kyle Busch, and even fellow driver Chase Elliott said it was mind boggling that anyone would be surprised by Busch’s impressive start to the season.

Following the race, Elliott said:

“Why is anyone surprised by this? I mean that’s mind boggling to me that anyone is surprised that Kyle’s a fantastic, one of the best race car drivers to ever do this.

And that didn’t change over night, so I’m not surprised… and anyone who is should rethink their NASCAR knowledge in my opinion.”

Elliott finished runner up at Fontana yesterday.

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