Ice Fishermen Cut Open Northern Pike’s Stomach, Find & Release A Live Fish

Pike bluegill
Viral Hog

You gotta love a good laugh in the great outdoors.

Nothing beats getting out there with your friends and making memories. The outdoors provides the opportunity to witness wild things that will live in your mind forever.

Ice fishing is an activity that holds outdoorsman over through the winter. It gets people outside to enjoy the fresh air even though it’s usually cold and the fishing just isn’t as good. But it’s more about the camaraderie and can still be a ton of fun.

Northern pike are a freshwater fish that are known for their large size, sharp teeth, predatory habits, and if you’re a bass fisherman… cutting your line. These fish can grow to be quite large, with some reaching lengths of over four feet and weights of more than 40 pounds.

Northern pike are known for their aggressive nature and they are skilled hunters. They have a torpedo-shaped body that allows them to move quickly through the water and they are equipped with sharp teeth and a powerful jaw that they use to catch and eat their prey. They are known to ambush their prey, often lying still near cover then striking in a flash.

They are known to eat a wide variety of fish species, including minnows, perch, sunfish, and even other pike. They are especially fond of eating smaller fish, which they can swallow whole.

These fellas were out for a day on the ice to fish and make some memories. They caught a good mess of fish on the day but noticed something off about a Northern pike they caught.

The cut the pike open to clean it and noticed something large in its stomach. They cut into the stomach and pulled out a bluegill, or some kind sunfish. As soon as they get the fish free it starts to move and seemingly comes back to life.

The boys all have a good laugh and make their way back to the holes cut through the ice to set the fish free. The man bobs the fish into the water and it takes off in a flash back down beneath the ice.

Finding Nemo… Minnesota style.

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A beer bottle on a dock