Kameron Marlowe’s “Granny’s Got A Garden” Was Genuinely Inspired By Smoking Weed With His Grandmother

Kameron Marlowe country music

There’s no telling how many of our favorite songs were inspired from a post-weed high…

But the only person in the industry I know of who smokes with his grandmother is Kameron Marlowe, and he made that fact well-known in his song, “Granny’s Got a Garden (For G’Maw Jan),” from his latest album.

The song even features an introductory lighter sound before the music kicks off, and some catchy writing on the chorus:

“She’s got Jesus in her heart
And Willie in her soul
She keeps Sun Drop in the fridge
Cornbread coolin’ on the stove
But when her back gets to hurtin’
You might smell somethin’ burnin’
Granny’s got a garden…”

With songs like this, I tend to think the artist has taken some creative liberties and mostly used their imagination to put a fun twist on an album track, but in a recent interview on Bobbycast, the “We Were Cowboys” singer confessed that he knows for certain his grandma has a garden, because he’s smoked with her before:

“I came over to her house high and she smelled it on me! And I thought she was gonna rip me a new one, she was like, ‘we need to go talk.’

She takes me back to her room and she’s acting all mad at me, but my grandpa is laughing in the kitchen, and I could hear him.

About that time, she pulls out a jar of weed and rolling papers and rolls up a joint and then we smoked before breakfast that morning.”

He chuckled retelling the experience because it does seem like an unbelievable one. Kameron also shared that she only asked him not to tell her church family, but now that the song has made it onto his debut album, we can assume they know.

Kameron recently came off of The Dangerous Tour with Morgan Wallen and eluded to dropping new music as soon as this month. He said his focus is on recording songs that he loves.

The upcoming new release is one he calls “Take Me Home To Carolina,” a reference to his North Carolina roots:

“It’s gonna be a song that’s a little bit more dear to my heart, that I was kind of in a dark spot when I wrote it, and it’s called ‘Take Me Home To Carolina.’

It was written right at the end of the year around CMAs, and I was just kinda pissed…It’s kind of an eff you to the industry. I learned a lot about myself when I was writing it.”

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