Minor League Umpire Ejects The Cubs Music Guy For Playing “Three Blind Mice” After Bad Calls

A baseball player running to home plate, umpire ejection

You gotta love a good ejection video.

With Spring Training up and running (thank the Lord), it’s time to look back at a classic umpire ejection.

But this wasn’t the ump ejecting a player after a called third strike, or a manager for arguing an inconsistent strike zone, no, no…this one is much different.

The Daytona Cubs were squaring off against the Fort Myers Miracle (now the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels, the Single-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins) in a minor league game a decade ago, when umpire Mario Seneca decided to forget the difference between a ball and a strike.

So, what happened next?

Organist Derek Dye decided to play “Three Blind Mice,” just so he could let Seneca know how sh-ty of a job he was doing.

Of course, Seneca didn’t take too well to this, and he looked up above at Dye, and yelled, “YOU’RE GONE.”

The umpire literally ejected the stadium’s organist.

Is he allowed to do this? Does he have that kind of power? It’s not that serious man, he’s just busting your balls along with the thousands of heckling fans behind him. Is he gonna eject all of them too?

Nothing like fun at the ol’ ballpark, amirite?

Wally Beckman’s Epic Meltdown Is Still One Of The Greatest Ejections In Baseball History

Beckman, who had an extensive playing career in the MLB, and had a number of coaching stints in the minor league system, somehow found himself managing the South Georgia Peanuts, and they made their way up to play the Anderson Joes one game.

Beckman was obviously pissed off about one of his players getting ejected during the game.

He hilariously walked up to the umpire and said:

“What the f-k is going on? He never even said f-king anything. He never said a F*CKING WORD TO YOU.”

Beckman continued to trade a few expletives to the umpire, and walked straight to home plate and began kicking dirt over home plate after he had just gotten the boot.

Perhaps the best part is when he says:

“Take your report and SHOVE IT UP YOUR F-KING A**!”

He then walks over to the dugout, and begins to throw all the bats on the field, yelling:


One of my best friends was at that game that day, and at eight-years-old, he told me he was hearing words he’d never heard before.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock