Koe Wetzel Lands Pair Of Big Ol’ Largemouths Fishing In Texas

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Call him Koe VanDam.

Before he kicks off the highly-anticipated Road To Hell Paso Tour next month, Koe Wetzel took some time to wet a line out on PK, or at least it would appear that he’s out on Possum King Lake near Graford, Texas.

Joined by professional angler and guide Jason Conn (more on him in a second), Koe hauled in a pair of big ol’ bucketmouths, although he wasn’t able to break his 8.6-pound personal best.

Look at these big boys:

“Sloppy jobs.”

Koe recently recruited some great writers to come write with him, including Bones Owens, Pecos & The Rooftops frontman Pecos Hurley, Ben Burgess and Ernest, as well as two mainstays in the Texas music scene… Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers.

Wade shared some photos of the trio hanging out at the Sonic Ranch this week, saying he loves “the freedom” Koe writes with, so it seems like they were able to pen some great tunes:

“Found some songs in the desert with these 2 buddies this week. Really love the freedom that Koe Wetzel writes with. Talented dude.

Randy Rogersain’t too bad himself. Enjoyed the hell out of it. What a week boys! Let’s do it again soon.”

He also recently released “Wasted,” a collaboration with Kodak Black and Diplo:

And speaking of Jason Conn… here’s what he’s been up to lately…

One Of The Biggest Largemouth Bass In State History

Professional angler Jason Conn caught the 17.03-pounder recently at O.H. Ivie Lake, which is known for being filled with massive bass. Just in the past couple of months, we’ve seen a ton of monster bass come out of O.H. Ivie, including a 13-pounder, and two 14-pounders in the same day.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that the largest bass ever caught in Texas happened in January 1992, when Barry St. Clair reeled in an 18.18-pounder.

Conn is an avid pro fisherman and guide, and he said that it hasn’t officially sank in.

He posted to Facebook:

“I am now in the top 10 with biggest bass ever caught in the state of Texas and only 2 fish this size caught in the last 30 years.

So unreal and I am still in shock.”

The bass was kept alive, and donated to Texas Parks and Wildlife to add to the longstanding Toyota ShareLunker Program.

The program, which is in its 37th year, collects bass that are 13 pounds or heavier, and are used in a hatchery setting where the fish are encouraged to spawn their offspring, so that they can continue to stock them statewide.

He shared more pictures of this hog to his Instagram page:

“Unbelievable day.

Didn’t get to Ivie till 11am and by 2:30 pm I have a 17-lb bass in the boat. We weighed her 3 times at the store and 1 time on my scale in my boat. She was 17.10 on my scale. 17.03 first weight at the store. We weighed her again and she was 17.18 but we all mutually agreed to use the 17.03 weight due to the fact that we put her in a tank with minnows.

Anyone that knows bass fishing knows a bass in shock is not eating anything but most likely throwing up food which I saw 2 shad in the tank she threw up! I know what my fish was but I can’t take credit for a lake record due to this issue! I am now in the top 10 with biggest bass ever caught in the state of Texas and only 2 fish this size caught in the last 30 years.

So unreal and I am still in shock. Thank you to everyone for all the calls and texts. Means everything to me. I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am and stoked to have my first certified ShareLunker.

She’s the number 8 largest bass ever caught in Texas weighing 17.03. “

Hot damn, what a big ol’ SOB:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock