Fisherman Lands Two 14-Pound Largemouth Bass In One Day On Texas Lake

Dalton Smith

I gotta get down to Texas.

Living in Illinois, we just don’t grow ’em like that up here. Don’t get me wrong the, the bass fishing is still decent up here, and there’s fair amount of pretty great lakes (no pun intended), but hell, most of our lakes here freeze over for a few months out of the year.

I haven’t fished in 3 months… it’s sad.

And aside from good weather, Illinois also doesn’t have is 14-pound bass. In fact, I think the Illinois state record for largemouth is somewhere around 13 pounds.

Texas on the other hand, has some BIG ones.

According to Field & Stream, Kentucky fishing guide Dalton Smith pulled two 14-pound largemouth bass out of O.H. Ivie Lake, a phenomenal bass fishing spot located on the Colorado and Concho Rivers, east of San Angelo, Texas.

“My best friend and I decided to come down here after we had an Arkansas duck hunting trip get canceled. We showed up after driving 15 hours straight from Kentucky and rode around on the lake.

The next day, we went out and had a really good day, and [his friend] boated an 11-pound, 11-ounce bass.”

Fishing a soft plastic swimbait on a jig head, the fellas spotted some big ones on the forward facing sonar and after feeling these big boys spit a few hooks out, they decided to let it rip on the first nibble.

Hooked it.

The first bass registered 14.69 pounds and then shortly after that, he landed another once in a lifetime bass at 14.27.

Lifechanging might be an understatement, as Dalton straight up moved there to guide after the trip:

“I’ve never experienced adrenaline like that before in my life. It honestly took a week to feel normal again. My appetite was messed up. My stomach was messed up. Reality finally sank in and Lord willing, I will have a day like that again, but I know it just doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve gotten to fish some of the bass fishing lakes in the country, but there is nowhere in the country where you can cast to as many 10-pounders as you can at O.H. Ivie.

It was pretty surreal how everything worked out. I just want to note that the Lord has been good to me.”

Absolutely incredible haul.

My God, I’m jealous…

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A beer bottle on a dock