Zach Bryan’s “Sober Side Of Sorry” Is Criminally Underrated

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When someone puts out as much music as Zach Bryan, there’s bound to be killer songs that never get the spotlight they deserve.

2022 alone brought us the record-setting 34-song album American Heartbreaka 9-song Summertime Blues EP, and 4 other singles, including “Burn Burn Burn”, which is the namesake of his upcoming tour.

Oh yeah, plus he dropped a live album on Christmas Day…

So yeah, it just makes sense that there’s a few killer songs that would be a smash hit if they didn’t get drowned out in a sea of other incredible songs.

To me, the most overlooked song Zach put out last year is easily “Sober Side Of Sorry”.

We first heard this one when Zach dropped a live version in August of 2021 and then got a studio version as the 20th track on American Heartbreak. 

The opening lines always get me, knowing full well that I’ve been in this very same situation quite a few times in my life…

“Dark haired girl
Too much Jack Daniels
I’ll be honest right now I am too drunk too handle…”

The whole song speaks of knowing full well you’re out of control, making lots of life choices that you regret (personified in a tattooed, crop top wearing girl), wanting to change it up but not quite knowing how to break that patterns you’ve fallen into.

“The sober side of sorry ain’t a safe place to be
There’s a cigarette rolling through the tips of clenched teeth
I don’t need much just somewhere to sleep
Someone please remind me who the hell I used to be…”

It was also one of the first examples of a real sonic change for Zach, less of the folksy singer/songwriter style that gave rise to his career, and more of the reckless, almost rock side that was featured prominently on American Heartbreak and Summertime Blues. 

A hell of a song that’s easily one of my favorites.

Crank this baby up today.

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