Fisherman Stunned To Find Snake Inside The Belly Of His Catfish

Fileting catfish

That would add a bit of shock to your normal fishing trip.

Be able to tell what a fish has been eating is always helpful for your next fishing trip. It is also always pretty cool when it is something completely unexpected.

Catfish are a group of freshwater fish that are known for their distinctive appearance, with most species having a broad, flat head and a long whisker-like structure called barbels around their mouth. They are a very diverse group of fish, with over 3,000 species found worldwide.

Catfish are a favorite in many areas to eat. Often done fried or baked, it can be a very tasty fish depending what it is eating.

They are known to be opportunistic feeders, meaning they will eat just about anything they can get their mouths on. Some species of catfish feed on smaller fish and invertebrates, while others are herbivores and feed on plants. In some cases, finding a snake inside a catfish can come as a surprise. Although it’s a rare occurrence, it is not unheard of and has been documented before.

These fisherman were out for a morning on the water and got themselves a good mess of catfish.

Back at the house, they were cleaning up their catch. The man is seen fileting his biggest catch of the day, an estimated 7-pound catfish.

As he fillets it out, you notice something long and slender pop out of its guts. The man and woman don’t seem to take notice until he is cleaning up. The man freezes in shock as he realizes there’s a snake on the table.

“Oh my word, oh my gosh.

Is he dead? I thought he (the fish) was pregnant!”

I don’t think fish can be pregnant with snakes…

Needless to say, they were both stunned at the sight of what looked to be a Cottonmouth:

“I had already remarked to him that I thought the fish was pregnant because it’s stomach was huge. Quite a surprise when we realized it indeed was not pregnant.

Looking back at the video you can see that I was oblivious to what was coming out of that fish! I’m still shaking!”


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