Tyler Childers’ ‘Way Of The Triune God’ Existed As A Voice Note On His Phone For Several Years Before Recording

Tyler Childers country music

For most people, the notepad on their phone is probably full of reminders, to-do lists and needed groceries.

But as it turns out, the notepad of Tyler Childers’ phone was instead the home of his newest hit song, “Way Of The Triune God.”

In an interview with Silas House, popular Southern literature author, Tyler admitted that the song had lived as a voice memo in his notes for several years before he ever brought it into the studio with his band:

“… it had lived as an acapella voice memo on my iPhone for years.”

‘Years’ could also mean that this song was written before he ever sobered up and hopped on the gospel train, which is impressive by itself.

I can’t imagine a notepad filled with hit song rough drafts, but that’s the exquisite mind of Tyler Childers for you. And the original idea actually started when Tyler began listening to the Georgia Sea Island Singers.

The group formed in the early 20th century and consisted of African American members from the Gullah culture in the Lowcountry.

Members of the group have changed over the years, but one stood out to Tyler, and that was Mrs. Bessie Jones who made substantial contributions in conserving African American history through arts like singing.

Bessie was discovered by Alan Lomax in the ’60s, who later recorded her stories and songs for preservation.

And Tyler listened to Bessie’s music extensively:

“I’d written it, I was listening to Lomax recordings of the Georgia Island Singers. Bessie Jones on there, I just really love all those songs she sings… And I was like man, if I had the opportunity to pitch her a song, what would that song be?

And that’s why I wrote that song.”

Even with all the inspiration behind it, Tyler never really imagined playing the song with his band, he admits in the interview. Which probably explains its purgatory as a voice note on his phone.

But in his final statement he said:

“It called to be on this album with these songs. It was very important.” 

This is one of my fast favorites from the album.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t playing in the background right now.

And his Red Rocks live edition is a stunning performance as well.

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