Tyler Childers Fills The Iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater With Beautiful Rendition Of “Way Of The Triune God”

Tyler Childers country music

Take ’em to church.

Tyler Childers released his gospel record Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? back in September, and hosted a show in honor of the new album at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado during release weekend.

Of course, that incredible, soulful voice could fill literally any venue, and I’d say that was exactly the case based on some of the new footage we’re getting from the special show, specifically the fan-favorite “Way of the Triune God.”

Tyler grew up in a southern Baptist church in Eastern Kentucky, and previously touched on the ideology of the “Triune God,” along with “Angel Band,” in a recent interview with writer and author Silas House at Dragline Studios, saying:

“Now, throughout the album, you know there’s a lot of talk about the way the ‘Triune God,’ like the Holy Trinity, being a very Christian thing, an idea and talk about Jesus, and that’s just you know, from my raising.

The great beyond and the almighty is this massive idea notion, and that’s my filter, the one that I’ve grown up being taught and toying with that idea. It’s just how I talk about it I suppose. But it’s still just one way of talking about the same thing in my eyes.

I think that ‘Angel Band,’ especially being the first song out the door, lets people know that God is bigger than all our gods.”

Personally, I can never get enough of Tyler singin’ some good old fashioned gospel music, simply because it’s nostalgic for me similar to him being raised in church with songs just like these.

We know he could sing the dang phonebook and make it our new favorite song, because his voice and delivery is just unreal, but don’t just take it from me how damn good it is… check it out for yourself:

“Way of the Triune God”

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