An Oklahoma High School Basketball Game Ended With A Whopping Score Of 4-2

Basketball game

Imagine paying $10 to go watch your local high school’s basketball team play…

Only for them to hold the ball the whole game, and you can count on one hand how many shots they took.

I would’ve demanded a refund.

In high school basketball, they don’t use a shot clock, so teams can literally just play four corners all night long, and could literally just pass the ball all game without taking a shot if they wanted to.

Of course, many would look at this as Busch League, so the majority of high school basketball coaches don’t actually do this.

However, there are some that do, and it was on full display this past Tuesday night between two Oklahoma high schools, Weatherford and Anadarko.

And the final score?

A whopping 4-2, with Weatherford coming out on top.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, that’s not a baseball score.

In fact, according to The Oklahoman, Anadarko kept possession of the ball four a mind boggling seven minutes, until the officials finally called a foul.

A game broadcaster said:

“Now, the Weatherford student section (is) taking a nap.”

Apparently there was a meeting between the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association Board of Directors to vote on implementing a shot clock for high school basketball in the state, but ultimately reached a 7-7 tie.

KOCO-TV sports director Bryan Keating took to Twitter to share his displeasure:

“This is a real final score because one of the teams stalled for 4 quarters. What are we doing here in Oklahoma? We have to play with a shot clock. The players deserve a whole lot better than this.”

It’s just hard for me to imagine that there’s an actual basketball coach out there who preaches this kind of philosophy to his high school players. I mean the guy is literally wasting an opportunity for scholarships, and not to mention, wasting away some of the best years of their lives.


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