Travis Tritt’s 1987 ‘Proud of the Country’ Album To Be Released On Streaming Platforms For The First Time Ever

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Talk about a blast from the past…

Travis Tritt’s 1987 album, Proud of the Country, is set to be released on streaming platform worldwide on April 28th.

It’s the album that’s often credited as the one that landed him his first record deal, and was recorded over three decades ago at Demo Listen Studio in Marietta, Georgia.

At the time, it was a 2-side album and released by Copperhill Records, which was a one-off label used by the aforementioned recording studio.

Only 1000 physical copies were ever made, and the record has never been digitally released, so most fans have never even heard it before. He released his official debut studio album Country Club a few years later in 1990 with major label Warner Records, and the rest, as they say, is history in terms of his legendary career in country music.

The Proud of the Country tracklist features 11 songs in total, with nine of them being solo writes by Travis, and the other two being co-writes by him with Joey and Danny Davenport and Eddie Queen.

It was produced by Danny Davenport, Billy Suit, and Tritt himself.

He released the first track “Get A Little Rowdy” today, and it’s safe to say, I think we’re in for quite a few more honky tonk heaters like this one…

“Get A Little Rowdy”

Proud of the Country tracklist:

1. “Don’t Put Us Down” (Travis Tritt)
2. “Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” (Travis Tritt, Joey Davenport, Eddie Queen)
3. “Gambler’s Blues” (Travis Tritt)
4. “Sleepless Nights” (Travis Tritt, Danny Davenport)
5. “Proud Of The Country” (Travis Tritt)
6. “Staying Power” (Travis Tritt)
7. “Get A Little Rowdy” (Travis Tritt)
8. “Spend A Little Time” (Travis Tritt)
9. “Before You Said Goodbye” (Travis Tritt)
10. “Dreams” (Travis Tritt)
Bonus Track: “I’m Not Laughing Now” (Travis Tritt)

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