Bull Tosses Woman Clear Over Fence At Texas Rodeo

Rodeo bull

When you mess with a bull, you get the horns…

Rodeos are absolutely wild.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. They’re so fun to be at and to an extent I understand why you’d want to see if you could ride a bull for 8 seconds, but man is it nerve racking.

Just the other week we heard tragic news that a 14 year old North Carolina bull rider was tragically killed after getting thrown off and stomped by a bull, further proving just how dangerous this sport is.

But it’s not just the riders who are in harm’s way.

After the rider gets bucked off, there’s the small matter of corralling the angry animal back into its pen. While sometimes it runs straight back where it belongs, sometimes it doesn’t, which is where rodeo clowns have to get involved.

But even then, sometimes there’s some collateral damage from others in the arena.

Like this video where a rouge bull tosses a woman who was seemingly trying to help get it under control clear over a fence.

There’s not many details surrounding where this event was taking place, but it appears to have been in Texas when a bull singled out a woman near the fence, charged, and tossed her clear over the fence.

Just one little buck of the head and she went absolutely flying, like us throwing a bag of rice.

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To her credit, the woman, later identified as Kayden C, showed some real athleticism, grabbing the top rail and swinging herself over to safety and avoiding an unbroken fall to the ground, but it didn’t mean she got out without injury.

In a follow up video, Kayden posted pictures of the bruises she had from the incident. Of course, she has to be thankful it wasn’t worse, but man it must not have been fun to walk for quite some time…

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Rodeo folk are a different breed.

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