Selfie Of Gabby Petito Minutes Before Police Interaction Shows Bruising & Redness To Her Face

Gabby Petito

It’s been over a year since the death of Gabby Petito was revealed, after her boyfriend Brian Laundrie returned home from a cross country road trip without her.

Laundrie later committed suicide, and confessed to murdering her in a story that was incredibly heartbreaking all the way around.

This past August, the Petito family sued the Utah police department for $50 million in a wrongful death lawsuit, citing that the police failed to address the fact that their daughter’s life was in danger, after they were investigating an altercation between her and Laundrie in the tourist town of Moab.

The officers let the two leave after the investigation, but required them to spend the night apart from each other.

With that being said, the Petito family has revealed new evidence that could help prove the police department heavily underplayed the altercation, according to TMZ.

The family just released a photo of a selfie Gabby took minutes before the police arrived to the scene, showing her with a bruising and redness on her eye, and possible strangulation marks on her neck.

In the bodycam footage of that day, which occurred on August 12th, 2021, you can’t really see the redness on her face due to the graininess of the footage.

But, one of the cops did comment on something on Gabby’s face, and also pointed out another possible injury to her shoulder.

The Petito family says a timestamp on the selfie shows it was taken at 4:37 PM on August 12th, minutes before the police arrived around 4:53 PM.

Her family feels that this is obvious proof that she was injured by Laundrie before the police arrived, and they neglected the obvious signs of abuse.

Needless to say, this could be key evidence in their wrongful death lawsuit, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here’s the full bodycam video:

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