Patrick Mahomes Promises To Chug Beer From Cooper Manning’s Boot If The Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes

Looks like Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ready to celebrate in the best way he knows how if the Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

And by the best way he knows how, I mean chug beer from Cooper Manning’s boot if they get the W.

It all went down last night, when the 27-year-old QB walked up to Cooper for an interview, and they got into a conversation about boots as Cooper was dressed in his cowboy getup.

To kick things off, Mahomes admitted that he has a couple pairs of boots himself, and even told Cooper that he could pull off that look in his college town of Lubbock, Texas, where he played QB for the Texas Tech Red Raiders:

“I’ve seen probably that exact pair in Lubbock, actually.”

And then Cooper said:

“Fill it up with cold beer, and the rest is history.”

But, Mahomes said it had to be a specific type of beer:

“Yeah a cold Coors Light that is… Cold Coors Light, you know, I’d say that’s probably about five of them?”

And that’s when Mahomes promised that he’d chug beer from Cooper’s boot if they win the Super Bowl:

“Post Super Bowl. If you bring that thing there, and we get the win, I’ll drink the beer from the boot with you.”

However, he made sure that Cooper knew the boots had to be clean first:

“Yeah, but I gotta make sure you wash your socks before we do that.”


So, it looks like we all have something to look forward to if the Chiefs get the win this Sunday:

Now we all know that Mahomes is no slouch when it comes to drinking Coors Light.

Comedian Andrew Santino once recalled a wild night at one of his shows in Dallas, Texas, where Mahomes was in attendance.

And allegedly, the QB drank the whole venue out of Coors Light, drinking 13 for the first show, and around 10 after he stayed for the second show:

“He came for the first show, and he was like ‘Man so f*ckin’ fun,’ and he goes, ‘Alright, well then where do you want us now?’ And I was like, ‘Oh I’ll see you. I’m going to do the second show. You guys go have fun and I’ll see ya whenever.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I think we’re gonna stay for the second show.’

I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I thought for sure he would dip but he’s like, no, we want to stay. And the server comes up to me she’s like, ‘That’s your party right?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, whatever I’ll take care of the bill like whatever it is,’ she’s like ‘No no, no we’re comping everything anyway, I just want to let you know like we have someone that’s going to get more Coors Light, because Mr. Mahomes has finished all the Coors Light.

I’m not kidding when I say this, maybe 13 the first show, and maybe 10 the second show…. And then we went out.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock