Hero Saves Drowning Dog From Frozen Kansas Lake While Owner Just Sits On Her A**

Dog hero

Some people are heroes, some are literally the worst…

Nothing shows this more than a crazy video coming out of Lenexa, Kansas yesterday where a brave man went out in a partly frozen lake in Lenexa, Kansas, to save a dog that had broken through the ice and was drowning.

According to the video description, the dog’s owner had thrown a tennis ball out on the frozen lake and the dog naturally chased after it.

Unfortunately, the ice wasn’t strong enough to hold the canine and it broke through and started thrashing around, trying to escape but unable to get back to shore.

Here’s where things take a dark turn…

The dog’s owner literally did nothing.

Actually nothing.

Sat down on a bench and said repeatedly that the dog was fine, even though it was clear to the 20 or so people that gathered around that it was anything but okay.

This went on for 3 to 5 minutes before one good Samaritan had enough and went out to save the dog.

We’ve all seen polar plunges before and most likely have listened to Joe Rogan rant about the benefits of cold exposure, but not like this…

The man made his way out and broke the ice on the way so the dog was able to swim back to shore. So not only was he immersed in wildly cold water, I’m sure his body was all bruised up from the ice chunks.

Well, in the end the dog and man were okay, both getting back to shore with nothing more than a hell of an adrenaline rush and a great story.

But what was that dog owner doing? Did she want her dog to freeze to death in a lake while she scrolled Tik Tok?

The crowd was clearly not pleased with her and you can hear a bunch of people giving her the business once the dog was safe.

Once everybody is back on shore, you can hear someone chewing out the owner:

“Did you enjoy that? Watching your dog out there suffer? Yeah, you’re great…”

Another followed up with:

“You just watch your dog go out there and get frozen… why are you relying on other people, why don’t you get your ass in there?”

Come on now, some people should absolutely not be allowed to have dogs and she is one of them.

Shoutout to this guy and screw that lady.

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