The Dallas Zoo Has A History Of Animals Escaping Their Habitats

Dallas zoo

If you haven’t heard about the ongoing story unfolding at the Dallas Zoo, let me catch you up quickly.

On January 13th, the zoo reported a clouded leopard named Nova was missing. She was found in the park later that day, but obviously it was closed down during the search.

The next day they discovered the leopard’s cage, as well as the cage of nearby langur monkeys, was cut open. Fortunately, the monkey’s hadn’t noticed and all animals remained in their habitats.

Then, on January 21st, zookeepers arrived and found an endangered lappet-faced vulture was dead and foul play was suspected, due to “an unusual wound and injuries, which pointed to this not being a natural death”. A $10,000 reward was offered for information related to any of the incidents and the Dallas PD was brought in to investigate if they were linked.

And just yesterday, the zoo reported 2 emperor tamarin monkeys were missing and it was “clear” their “habitat had been intentionally compromised.”

It’s now clear this can’t be just coincidental, with Ed Hansen, chief executive of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, saying

“It appears that somebody really has an issue with the Dallas Zoo”

Ed also said the zoo has an excellent reputation within the industry, but some old incidents at the park are starting to raise questions of the validity of that statement…

Let’s go over a few serious problems the zoo has faced over the years.

2004 Gorilla Rampage

On March 18th, 2004, a 340 pound gorilla named Jabari scaled a 16 foot barrier topped with an electric fence and went on a 40 minute rampage, severely injuring a 3 year old boy and two adults. The gorilla grabbed the child, biting his head and shaking him like a ragdoll, puncturing his lung and leaving him with some serious scars.

The child’s mother attacked the gorilla to try and free her son and also suffered serious injuries from being bitten and thrown against a wall.

The gorilla was eventually shot and killed by police officers.

A 911 call made by a park goer, as well as some footage captured by other visitors, shows just how terrifying this whole ordeal was.

2014 Lion Attacks Zookeeper

On August 23rd, 2014, a lion attacked a zookeeper after they made a mistake and didn’t secure a door inside the enclosure. The keeper suffered a bite and some scratches, but no serious injuries.

2000 Chimpanzee Escape and Electrocution

On July 24th, 2000, a chimpanzee named Judy was supposed to be on display for the first time, however, she was able to escape and began climbing on some powerlines.

Witnesses say she lost her balance while out on one of the lines, which caused her to come in contact with a second one. She was electrocuted and died.

1998 Gorilla Mauls Zookeeper

On November 29th, 1998, a gorilla named Hercules escaped from its exhibit, raided a kitchen, then attacked a zookeeper, biting her arm, gashing her side, and dragging her down a hallway before he was tranquilized and returned to his habitat.

1995 Tiger Attacks Zookeeper

In 1995, a tiger named Raya leapt over an 11 foot moat, burst through tension wires, and attacked a zookeeper.

These are just some of the more brutal incidents in the zoo’s history, there are many more examples of animals escaping their cage for reasons zookeepers were unable to explain.

So yeah, these recent incidents are far from the first…

Hopefully we get some more information on what exactly is happening down there, because it’s really not good.

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