Dallas Zoo Vulture Dies Under “Very Suspicious” Circumstances… $10,000 Reward Is Offered For Information


What the hell is happening at the Dallas Zoo?

Over the past few weeks, the largest zoo in Texas has been under fire for numerous problems, which is starting to make me think they don’t exactly have it all figured out down there…

First, on January 13th, a clouded leopard escaped from it’s habitat, forcing the zoo to close for the day while they looked for it. Fortunately, it was located on the grounds and safety brought back to its pen.

Then, on January 14th, they discovered a cut in the wiring of the leopard’s cage and another similar one on the cage of the langur monkeys.

And now, the zoo is reporting an endangered lappet-faced vulture was discovered dead in its cage on January 21st from “an unusual wound and injuries, which pointed to this not being a natural death.”

The bird was 35 years old and had lived most of its life at the zoo, having sired 11 chicks.

So, again, what the hell is happening down there?

Fowl… sorry… foul play is certainly the most plausible explanation for all of this. In a statement made through a series of tweets, the zoo said they are increasing security and have involved the Dallas PD to assist in the investigation.

“The circumstances of the death are unusual, and the death does not appear to be from natural causes. Given the recent incidents at the Zoo, we alerted the Dallas Police Department. We cannot share many details until Dallas PD has had more time to look into this matter.

In the past week, we have added additional cameras throughout the Zoo and increased onsite security patrols during the overnight hours. We will continue to implement and expand our safety and security measures to whatever level necessary to keep our animals and staff safe.”

The zoo is also offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who can come forward with information related to any of the incidents.

It seems very clear that there are some bad actors at play here.

Let’s hope those involved are caught and the animals can go back to their normal, safe, routines.

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