Kaitlin Butts’ Stunning New Music Video For “Blood” Cuts Deep

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“God awful things swept under the rug, for blood…”

Kaitlin Butts’ song “Blood,” from her 2022 What Else Can She Do? album, cuts deep.

She co-wrote the track with Pistol Annies band member Angaleena Presley, mostly based on her experience when her parents were going through a divorce years ago, though it goes far and beyond her personal trauma from that time in her life.

Kaitlin previously noted that she was able to heal and let go of a lot of the pain she experienced as a result when she wrote this song, and you can tell she just laid it all out on the table that day they wrote it at Angaleena’s house.

And today, Kaitlin released a stunning new music video for the song, which is absolutely perfect and tells the story in a poignant and important way that the song really deserves.

It’s a pretty simple concept, where Kaitlin plays the role of a 50’s-era housewife, making dinner for her husband who is an “abusive narcissist,” as you see him berating her and yelling at her over something with the food.

She eventually gives it back to him, standing up for herself and, spoiler alert, leaving at the very end of the video.

Kaitlin says she wanted to give people a peak at what some experience behind closed doors, in an effort to help anyone going through a similar experience feel a little bit less alone:

“In making this video, I really wanted to show what being in a relationship with an abusive narcissist looks like behind closed doors. I think that’s what I want people to take away from this.

If this is happening to you, leave. I don’t care what they are to you, I don’t care if you’ll ‘have nothing’ if you leave them. (I know that’s probably what they told you, but they’re lying.)

If someone around you belittles you, disrespects you, abuses you physically or verbally, you are much better off with nothing than being with them.”

She added that the stereotypical “dysfunctional” relationships you see on TV aren’t necessarily accurate to what they are in real life, and no matter how much money someone has or what kind of house they live in, it can be a living hell behind closed doors:

“Oftentimes, in movies we see what a dysfunctional relationship looks like, what an abuser looks like; typically, a gruff looking drunkard, a jobless ‘loser’ living in a trailer. Something very stereotypical.

But in my experience, it looks a lot different. To me, it looks like the prettiest, wealthiest homes with the dinner table set to perfection, a homemade pie, crystal glasses and refined whiskey. The husband just got home from work, still wearing his suit.

In public, he looks distinguished, a well-respected man. Behind closed doors, he is a monster feeding off a power that he holds over her. That is what a ‘loser’ looks like to me.”

Good for Kaitlin for pouring her heart out in this song, and do yourself a favor and check out the new video:

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