Busch Light Spoofs Sarah McLachlan’s Iconic Animal Shelter Commercials With New Super Bowl Ad

Busch Beer

Busch Light has done it again.

The best beer for your buck on the planet has just announced that they’ll be returning for a commercial during this year’s Super Bowl.

And for their new add, they’re bringing in a familiar face…

And I’m talking about Sarah McLachlan.

If the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, she’s the singer who sings the iconic 2007 “Angel” song, that’s always featured on those tear-jerking animal shelter commercials that’ll have you wondering why you haven’t adopted every dog on this planet already.

And in this commercial, she’s teaming up with Busch Light to bring back “shelter” once again, except, this isn’t the kind of shelter she’s used to.

In the commercial, a Busch Guy shares the three necessities everyone needs for camping…

Food, drink (Busch Light, of course), and shelter.

However, McLachlan hilariously confuses what he means by “shelter,” and begins the intro to her animal shelter commercials, with “Angel” playing in the background.

But, the Busch Guy quickly interrupts her, saying that she’s got the wrong shelter… and that she’s petting a wolf, not a dog.

McLachlan weighed in on the new partnership:

“Busch Light shares my love of animals and the wilderness so, while it seems unexpected, this spot is a really clever and good-hearted mix of my passions and their brand.

Last year, Kenny G revived the beer brand’s classic ‘Head For The Mountains’ song and that’s a tough act to follow, but I love that Busch Light is playing into nostalgia again with a new rendition of my ‘Angel’ ASPCA commercial and I can’t wait to see how people react!”

Krystyn Stowe, head of marketing for Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch, also added:

“Our fans love nothing more than time in nature with an ice-cold Busch Light and that’s why we’re once again bringing the great outdoors to the biggest game of the year.

Busch Light fans will love our spin on Sarah McLachlan’s iconic commercial as they always appreciate a bit of humor that ultimately serves a good cause–especially when it comes to great outdoors we both hold dear.”

Needless to say, this is one helluva partnership for animal lovers, wilderness lovers, and beer drinkers alike.

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