Jelly Roll Says He Watched The Music City Miracle Live In Person From His Juvenile Cell In Nashville: “Looking Out The Window, I Swear To God”

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What a story…

A couple years ago, Jelly Roll, stopped by Ernest’s Just Being Ernest podcast, and he told an absolutely hilarious story about The Music City Miracle and how he saw it with his own two eyes in Nashville.

Ernest actually asked him if he was there after they started talking about football, seeing as they’re both Nashville natives, and Jelly confirmed he saw it go down in-person:

“Yes! Yes… Kevin Dyson baby.”

The game came down to a last-ditch kickoff play, which was an orchestrated effort that resulted in a return for a 75-yard touchdown run by Kevin Dyson that give the Titans a 22-16 victory over the Buffalo Bills with 16 seconds left on the clock.

Truly, any sports lovers dream scenario, especially if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan.

And Ernest asked the obvious follow-up question, inquiring about where was Jelly sitting in the stadium on that fateful day in sports history, to which he responded:

“Uh, in juvenile, looking out the window.

I swear to God, but I could see it from my cell! But I could see it from my cell, dude, it was awesome. I swear to God, back then, B-pod was facing the stadium.”

At this point, Ernest has the reaction I think we all would have hearing that in person, as he bursts into laughter and almost walks out of the room.

It’s just too good to make up…

And not only that, but Jelly added that his dad would come and see him from a certain corner on the street, because he knew exactly where his room was located, as Jelly is open about the fact that he was in and out of the juvenile and prison system for much of his early years as a teenager and young adult:

“I tell you how it real was, God rest his soul, my dad came and waved at me on the way into the game. And he came out of the game and he really went like that…

He knew where to stand, so he’d come and see my all the time. So like, if you’re looking at the front of juvenile, I was up in the right corner.

I had the corner cell, so I had a clear shot at the field, and I could see the other Jumbotron.”

That’s honestly one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard.

And unfortunately, because of the NFL’s crazy Youtube restrictions, I can’t include the video here, but you can watch Ernest and Jelly talk about it here, and I highly recommend doing so… it might just be the funniest thing you see all day.

Here’s a clip of the Music City Miracle, though:

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