Man Has The Fight Of His Life Trying To Wrestle A Tarpon Up To The Dock

Tarpon fishing

You know what they say… the more you f*ck around, the more you’re gonna find out.

And this guy learned that lesson the hard way, by getting his arm nearly BITTEN OFF.

It’s the classic story of a man fighting a fish and the fish fighting back.

There are few fishermen who can say they’ve caught a large fish with their bare hands. Sure, it happens with smaller ones fairly frequently, but to come across a big ol’ fish that is willing to cooperate just enough for you to pull it up on shore is an extremely rare occurrence.

Everyone knows someone who’s done it and everyone who’s out there is waiting for the opportunity to present itself to them too.

And tarpon are a big fish. When you come across some like this you are gonna try to catch one. But, because they are big they are powerful, it is hard to do.

This man, named Billy, found that one out the hard way.

You can see a bunch of fish swimming in the water below the dock as Billy reaches down into the water holding bait in his hand for the fish. A nice one comes up and grabs his hand which gives him enough time to slide his other hand through its gills and get a strong grip on it.

Billy wrestles the fish up onto the dock which ends up being bigger than him. Two others help him pull it up pout of the water. As he tries to stand up the fish has other plans and continues to fight for its life.

The tarpon flips Billy back down to the ground and makes its way back into the water.

I would call this one a draw. Billy won by getting the fish out of the water, the fish won by knocking him down and getting away.

In the end, we’re the winners because we get this as cheap entertainment.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock