Two Hawks Work Together Chasing Down A Squirrel, Pull It Right Out Of The Air


Nature, man… it always seems to amaze.

You never know what to expect out there or now even on the internet.

These animals are just simply amazing.

When it comes to birds of prey, all are amazing in what they are capable of. They are all powerful birds that have amazing hunting abilities unlike most of the wildlife kingdom.

But, Harris’s Hawks seem to be just slightly cooler than most.

These birds boast a unique coloration, with dark brown, almost black, plumage on their back and wings, and a rust-colored breast and belly. Their yellow legs and distinct, white-tipped tail feathers make them easy to spot in the wild.

Their beauty is not even the best part though.

While most birds of prey hunt solo, Harris’s Hawks have been known to work together to take down larger prey. They’ve been observed using coordinated hunting techniques, such as one bird chasing prey while the others wait in ambush. This level of teamwork and strategy is not something you see every day in the bird world.

These hawks are opportunistic hunters and will prey on a variety of small animals such as rodents, reptiles, and even other birds. But, unlike other hawks, Harris’s Hawks are known to also prey on larger game such as deer or wild hogs.

This video shows a pair of these bad boys in action.

Two Harris’s Hawks are seen chasing down a squirrel as it runs for its life. The squirrel jumps tree to tree as the hawk’s dive and swoop in on him.

The squirrel takes a jump and misses as he begins to free fall from the tree tops. The hawks don’t miss a beat and one swoops down and hammers the squirrel getting them dinner.

I just hope he shared the meal because that was definitely a team effort.

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