Quay Walker Issues Apology After Shoving Lions’ Medical Trainer Last Night: “I Was Wrong!”

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One of the last games of the NFL regular season was played last night, between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

Although both teams were only 8-8 going into the game, it had MAJOR playoff implications, as the Packers had to take down the Lions in order to make the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the Packers’ effort fell short, as they lost 20-16.

However, the weight of the game may have not been the biggest story of the night, as most heads were turned towards the Packers’ rookie inside linebacker Quay Walker, as he was seen shoving a Detroit trainer who was simply coming in to help an injured player.

It was a classless move to say the least, regardless of the fact that it was a heated game with major implications and emotions were running high.

Shoving a defenseless person coming in to HELP somebody is quite a bad look, especially considering how medical trainers were the ones who were able to save Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin’s life last Monday.

Walker was soon ejected from the game, and he was visibly upset after the move, as seen in this video of him walking into the locker room:

With that being said, Walker also followed up his actions in the best way he possibly could.

He sent out this heartfelt apology via Twitter:

“I want to apologize publicly about what happened Sunday night. I reacted off of my emotions again and take full responsibility of making another stupid decision.

Since then I’ve questioned myself on why did I do what I did when the trainer was doing his job!! I was wrong!!”

“I understand I have to face everything that comes with the decision I’ve made and I’m definitely paying for it now.”

“Also to explain my frustration in the tunnel. I wasn’t upset about being kicked out, I just knew I messed up again and was wrong for what I did and couldn’t believe I did it again.

To the Detroit lions and to the entire training staff including the person I did that too. I’m sorry”

As bad as a scene as it was, you have to respect a guy who recognizes his wrongdoings, and willingly apologizes for them.

That being said, with two incidents in one season… you gotta get it fixed FAST if you wanna stay in this league.

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