Parker McCollum Calls Out Troll Who Said He’s An Awful Singer: “I Take It As A Compliment Every Time”

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Haters gonna hate.

It’s no secret that there are a ton of different country music styles and sounds ranging from pretty much full blown pop music to traditional, rock-leaning country, bluegrass, alternative, and everything in between.

I mean seriously, there’s not a single country artist on this planet who has the approval of every single country music fan out there, and that’s kind of the beauty of it…

It’s an ongoing argument that was never meant to be won, but probably best just to agree to disagree.

Nevertheless, even the top artists in the genre can’t help but hear the haters every now and then, and feel the need to voice their opinion as well to the people who like to dog them on social media…

And in our latest edition, we have none other than Parker McCollum, the Limestone Kid himself.

Parker has been killing it here in the mainstream country world, ever since he signed to Universal Music Group back in 2021, and kickstarting the new chapter of his life with his 2021 Gold Chain Cowboy album.

And in 2022, the guy dropped two stellar singles in “Handle On You,” and the much anticipated fan favorite “Stoned.”

As good as he has been in his short career, it’s easy to see that his best work is probably still in front of him.

With that being said, one living room country music “critic” decided to take to social media to say:

“Bailey Zimmerman and Parker McCollum are awful country singers. Someone had to say it”

Most artists would just kick a comment like this to the curb, but this time, McCollum was ready for some heat in return, saying:

“If you don’t have an absolute nobody talkin shit about you on social media, you prolly ain’t doin too much in life.

I take it as a compliment every time!”

Ya gotta love a good backfire every now and again.

Remember folks, the loudest boos come from the cheap seats, empty cans make the most noise, and like 50 said, “let the haters hate and watch the money pile up.”

Something tells me the 60,000+ fans he’ll be playing for at the Houston Rodeo next month don’t think he’s an “awful” country singer.

There still isn’t any timetable set for McCollum’s next album, but in the meantime, enjoy his latest single, “Stoned:”

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