Country Music Hall Of Fame Details The Story Behind Chris Stapleton’s ‘Traveller’

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It’s no secret that Chris Stapleton is one of the best singer/songwriters in all of mainstream country music right now.

Not to mention, it’s hard to find an artist more versatile than Stapleton, as he can sing just about any genre imaginable.

If you’re a Stapleton fan, then there’s a good chance you got acclimated to him through his 2015 Traveller album. It was his debut solo album, and boasts a ton of his biggest hits, like “Tennessee Whiskey,” “Nobody To Blame,” “Parachute,” Fire Away,” and more.

Needless to say, that album made a mark on me and so many others, and is still one of my favorite albums to date.

With that being said, the Country Music Hall of Fame took to Instagram about how Stapleton got the picture for the iconic album cover for Traveller. 

It all started when both Chris and Morgane went out to Phoenix, Arizona to buy a 1979 Jeep Cherokee back in 2013, and spent 11 days driving it back to Nashville.

While on the trip, they were joined by photographer Betty Fluke, who snapped the legendary picture.

The caption tells the full story:

“In December 2013, Morgane Stapleton bought Chris Stapleton a 1979 Jeep Cherokee located in Phoenix, Arizona, and they spent eleven days driving the vehicle back to Nashville.

The old Jeep was plagued with mechanical problems, the alternator needed to be replaced, the windshield wipers gave out, and the gas tank couldn’t be fully filled up, but the trip proved musically fruitful: early one morning, Stapleton composed the lyrics for his song “Traveller,” which would be the title track of his first album.

The Stapletons were joined on the trip by photographer Becky Fluke, who took many Polaroid photographs during their travels. The final photo in this series became the “Traveller” album cover image.”

If you’ve never seen the “15 years of Traveller” video, check it out:

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