New England Hunters Get Moose Dropped Off At Their House In Spectacular Fashion

Moose copter

These are the hunting buddies we all want and need.

If you’ve ever been hunting, a were fortunate enough to harvest a large animal, you know that it is all fun and games until you get the animal to the ground. That’s when the real work starts.

When moose hunting, everyone wants to target a big ol’ bull. They are one of the most sought-after game animals in North America. They grow to massive size, sometimes over 1,500 pounds, with antlers that are unlike any others… massive paddle-shaped bone out of their heads.

Not to mention, they have some of the best tasting meat out there.

But, when you shoot an animal that is over 1000-pounds and lives in the thick of the wilderness, it can be hard to get one of these big boys out of there.

There are always options, but it takes a lot of man power and time… and of course, when you want to preserve the quality of the meat, it’s a race against the clock. Meat handling is a critical part of the hunting process, a part that has to be done properly to get the best quality meat.

Long story short… you want to get the temperature of the meat down as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth. This usually requires gutting the animal right there in the field, skinning it, quartering it out… and then hauling it out.

But in deep forest, up and over mountains, it can be extremely difficult.

What can fix those problems? Money and/or connections.

Bring in these guys, the geniuses that have me looking for a friend with a helicopter.

These fellas are seen kicked back in their garage as a helicopter flies in carrying their moose and drops it off right at their doorstep. Granted, the chopper might kick up some dust, but what is the alternative? Drag it up a mountain?

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

And I’m not even mad about it, this is just flat out genius.

“The most expensive jet sled. This beats dragging out a deer form a thick swamp or up and over a 1000’ mountain in New England.”

Who are these fellas and do they want to take me hunting?

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