Augusta National Sent A Masters Invitation To The Wrong Scott Stallings

Scott Stallings
David Cannon/Getty Images

I think I can speak for just about every golfer out there when I say ever golfer dreams of playing in The Masters, or at least playing Augusta National one day.

From the beautiful scenery, the perfect conditions, and the overwhelming amount of tradition within each hole is truly difficult to even comprehend.

And also, you can pound some beers with John Daly at the Augusta Hooter’s, too, so that’s pretty badass too.

With that being said, PGA Tour golfer Scott Stallings has been waiting a hot minute for another Masters invitation, as he hadn’t played in the tournament since 2014, where he missed the cut.

Finally, he qualified for this year’s tournament, and had been waiting and waiting for that elusive Masters invitation to show up in his mailbox.

However, it never came in, and Stallings was left incredibly confused…

Until he got a DM on Instagram one day… From a dude who has the exact same name as him… AND their wives had the exact same name.

Augusta National accidentally mailed the invitation to the wrong Scott Stallings, and he was sure to let the actual pro golfer Scott Stallings know, saying in the DM:

“Hi Scott. My name is Scott Stallings as well and I’m from GA. My wife’s name is Jennifer too! Her IG is ******* We have a condo at ******* and I received a FedEx today from the Master’s Tournament inviting me to play in the Master’s Tournament April 6-9, 2023.

I’m 100% sure this NOT for me. I play but wow! No where near your level. It’s a very nice package complete with everything needed to attend.

I think we have some confusion because of our names, our wife’s names and geographical location. I can be reached at ******* and I am more than happy to send this package to you.”

He then proceeded to share a picture of the invitation as well, adding:

“I’m really not kidding I promise.”

You have to respect non-pro golfer Scott Stallings here. He could’ve easily been a complete douche and put the invitation up on eBay, or just kept it himself, but he came through and got the invitation back to him.

Nevertheless, it had to have been pretty wild seeing a letter pop up on your doorstep from Augusta National.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock