Oklahoma Duck Hunter Hilariously Tries To Army Crawl Across Thin Ice Without Breaking Through

Duck hunter

Welp, this is quite the pickle, isn’t it?

An Oklahoma duck hunter found himself stuck on the wrong side of a frozen stream… so, he weighed the options.

And at the advice of his buddy (never listen to your buddy) he decided to lie flat on the ice and try to creep his was across on his stomach to the other side. The idea, which in theory is a good idea, was that he would spread out some of the weight across the ice and make the ice less prone to crack.

“Disperse the body weight”

After slowing creeping along the ice, he slides his gun over to his buddy (who is laughing his ass off), and then decided to deviate from the plan.

He stands up and makes a run for it.

And as you can imagine, it didn’t go quite as planned…

Take notes folks…

Illinois Duck Hunters Refuse To Leave As Tornado Approaches Their Blind

When the duck hunters become the “sitting ducks” themselves…

It’s no secret that storms seem to be rising in the lately. Whether it’s devastating tornadoes, destructive hurricanes, storms, droughts, wildfires… Mother Nature just seems to be angry.

And while there are always crazy videos from any storm, I don’t think I’ve seen one like this.

A few years back, a group of Illinois duck hunters got a front-row seat to a tornado near Havana, Illinois.

According to NBC 25 News, Jace Pedigo and his friends were out hunting in Fulton County when a large tornado popped up behind them.

The friends even joked that they wouldn’t mind seeing one:

“Earlier in the day when the tornado watch was actually issued I kinda said to the guys, I’m like, ‘I would like to see a tornado I have never seen one in person'”

He quickly changed his tune:

“Remember when I said I wouldn’t mind seeing a tornado? This is not what I had in mind.”

Needles to say, it came upon them quickly, but they didn’t really have many options.

Plus, the photo and video were epic:

“It happened fast it went from a flat bottom cloud to a twister in a minute and a half… might not have been the smartest thing but I was gonna stick her out unless… yeah, I was going to stick her out.”

I’d be crapping in my pants…

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