Mule Deer Attack Leaves Wyoming Couple With Multiple Puncture Wounds & A Fractured Vertebra

Deer gore

When in doubt, scream it out.

I’m assuming that’s the mantra of a woman in Evanston, Wyoming who went to get in her car and awoke a sleeping mule deer buck who had curled up next to the house.

Naturally, both the woman and deer freeze when they see each other and fortunately the lady’s husband is there to snap her out of it and tell her to back up. She starts backing away and for a second it looks like all is going to end well when out of nowhere one of the couple’s dogs runs right at the deer.

Have to give this dog some credit for its bravery (or stupidity) cause this little guy looks like one of those purse dogs rich ladies get. As you’d expect, the buck is having none of this little yapper and whacks him under the car with one well placed antler strike.

That’s when all hell broke loose…

The lady freaks out and starts attacking the deer with her purse which only causes him to escalate charging right at her, knocking her clean over.

The husband comes down and tries to wrestle the deer away when again out of nowhere more dogs appear, both scared and intrigued by the scene unfolding in the driveway.

That’s also when the lady began screaming non-stop at the top of her lungs. I mean that was some impressive lung capacity, she’s out of breath, filled with adrenaline and is still able to get that much sound out for that long? Solid work.

Of course, it did nothing but make the situation more chaotic, which ended with the lady making her way into the house, the husband getting the dogs under control and I assume the deer walking off with a crazy story to tell its buddies…

What a way to start a morning, pure chaos? Coffee’s got nothing on this… shoutout to Ring doorbells for getting us so many awesome videos.

And here’s the kicker, according to to KSL 5, the woman was sent to the hospital with a puncture wound.

Wanda Kaynor was outside of her home, getting ready to take her husband, Daniel, to an appointment.

Daniel told the outlet:

“There was this buck sitting there, just laying there.”

When their dog ran out of the house and towards the buck, the aggressive buck immediately went into attack mode:

“He went after him. Of course, the buck didn’t like that. So, he went after him with his antlers and shoved him underneath the car.”

Wanda decided to fight back in an effort to save the dog:

“She threw her hat at the thing, and of course, it came after her now”

The four-pointer fought back as well, goring Wanda, resulting in seven puncture wounds, and a crushed vertebra after the buck knocked her to the ground.

Daniel then walked outside and saw the horrific scene, and he did what he could to get the buck to leave:

“I grabbed him by the antlers, trying to pull him off.”

Daniel got punctured a well along his waistline.

Luckily, a UPS driver was nearby after delivering a package across the street, and he came over to help, putting Wanda in a car and a neighbor drove her to the hospital.

Daniel said:

“We just got instantaneously all of his help.”

He said that Wanda will be in the hospital for several days, and will most likely have to spend a couple weeks in rehab.

After the attack, the buck made his way to another front yard and hung out in the shade for a while. A relative notified Wyoming Fish and Game, and an officer came by and put the buck down.

Daniel said that he and his wife are traumatized by the incident, and understandably so:

“Having a buck stomp on you on the ground… I was pretty traumatized last night myself. Wild animals are wild animals.”

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