Zach Bryan Hilariously Drives Around Blasting Rich O’Toole’s “Take My Heart” After O’Toole Questions “Identical” Guitar Riff

Zach Bryan

Incase ya haven’t heard, there’s been a little bit of low level drama going on in the Zach Bryan world today.

Last night, Zach Bryan made a surprise appearance on Yellowstone, as he performed “Motorcycle Drive By,” and a few others from his killer Summertime Blues EP on stage at a local county fair during the show.

However, Texas country artist Rich O’Toole took to Twitter to question the song, saying the lead riff is identical to the one from his 2014 song “Take My Heart.”

I’m a giant fan of Yellowstone but tonight I heard one of my songs on the program by Zach Bryan. The lead line is identical to mine so I would love some answers. Love Zach but thank you.”

Zach came back with a few tweets pointing out how common it is for chord progressions, melodies and various riffs to sound similar (because it is):

“Wait until you hear the similarities in ‘Let You Down’ and ‘Should’ve Said No’ by T Swift or ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Cover Me Up’ had no idea you and Bach invented bar chords and melodies ol’ son.”

And he also explained the genesis of the song:

“Yes the song I wrote after telling my girlfriend and best friends I loved them after a near death accident on a motorcycle this year was a rip off of Rich O’Toole’s ‘take my heart’”

And once the backlash from Zach’s loyal and rabid fanbase came, O’Toole also made an effort to clear the air, responding back:

“Yo Zach Bryan. No need to have your fans just destroy me on the internet lol. This is getting really ugly. I sent you a DM with my number. Give me a ring. Just curious about the song.

As songwriters we look out for each other so I was just curious about the melody line.”

Although it appears that things have cooled down a little bit, Zach also posted a video to Twitter of him and one of his buddies in the car jamming out to “Take My Heart.”

I mean, just a world class display of hilarious, yet harmless, trolling… I’m dead.

All in good fun, eh?

Hell, some folks might even go check out Rich’s music after this… who’s trolling who?

Also getting some Taylor Dayne vibes in the vocal melody…

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