Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren Weigh In On Jacob & Cara Dutton’s Relationship In ‘1923’

Yellowstone 1923

We’re only four days away from the premiere of the Yellowstone prequel series 1923, and the anticipation is through the roof.

What we know at this point is that the show has a star studded cast with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren leading the charge as Jacob and Cara Dutton.

The show will focus on the struggles of the Dutton family through Prohibition, the beginning of the Great Depression, and the emergence of new diseases and challenges as they attempt to settle in Montana.

But speaking of Ford and Mirren, the two recently sat down for an interview with ET, to discuss working with each other on the show, and Jacob and Cara’s relationship in general.

Mirren described Jacob and Cara’s relationship as a “partnership,” and compared it to her own marriage:

“It’s a partnership, isn’t it? I may be the boss, but he’s the leader. It’s an equal partnership and I know from being with my husband. We’ve been married now for, I’ve completely forgotten how long we’ve been married for. But, you know, quite a long time.

It becomes a partnership, a partnership with love, but a partnership and that’s very much where marriage can be a long process and it has many phases that it goes through. But if you manage to stay together through love, you come to this very beautiful place where it is this equal partnership and I think that’s where Cara and Jacob are.”

Ford agreed, and said it’s been a pleasure working with Mirren on the show:

“I suppose it helps, but I found working with Helen to be extraordinarily easy, simple, straightforward. There’s no fussiness about her. She’s a practical person. She’s a down-to-earth person.

She’s very smart, very astute and she knows her craft. Our scenes have been nothing but a pleasure.”

Ford also weighed in on Jacob and Cara’s relationship, and how although Jacob is the man of the house, Cara is the real boss:

“He knows it and he shows it, and that’s just a part of the fabric of their lives.

He does his thing, she does her thing. And they live comfortably together.”

1923 premieres this Sunday, December 18th on Paramount Network.

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