Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ “A Christmas To Remember” Is An All-Time Country Christmas Classic

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers country music

Man, I almost forgot about this absolute Christmas country gem.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers are two of the most recognizable/likeable names in country music history.

And what happens when you bring the two together for a collab?

It’s truly something special.

“A Christmas to Remember” is a country all-timer. Straight off of Dolly’s legendary 1984 Once Upon A Christmas album, the song is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit in an instant.

Not to mention, the music video is solid gold.

The video takes place in a ski lodge (probably in Tahoe, judging by the lyrics), and hilariously kicks off with Kenny propped up trying to get his snow boots off, and Dolly rips them off.

Also, there’s a bunch of random mannequins in the lodge, which I’ve never really understood… it’s weird, but still a classic.

You just can’t beat the chemistry these two had.

Man, simpler times.

Dolly also recently discussed how she deals with the loss of her good friends Loretta Lynn, Naomi Judd, and Kenny Rogers in an interview with TODAY:

Those things are very special. With Loretta, she was very dear to me, like a sister. Same with Naomi. We were same age, and we loved the same things. And I loved her.

And then I also lost Kenny Rogers… three of my dearest people… in the business, in a very short period of time. And I grieve over them almost like you do a family member. And I think of them, but you try to keep the good memories.”

She also added that Alan Jackson’s version of “Precious Memories” helps her remember the good times that she had with those she’s lost in recent years:

“There’s that old song, ‘Precious Memories,’ the line I love in that song is, ‘Precious memories, unseen angels sent from somewhere to my soul.’ And I think about that, those precious memories, they just flow in and out of you, and you remember special things about them

Unseen angels… you feel like they’re still all around you.”

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