Cody Jinks Performs Brand New Song “Changed The Game” In Las Vegas

Cody Jinks country music

Cody Jinks, the man has done it again.

After Jinks closed out 2021 in a way we haven’t quite seen before by releasing a country album, Mercy, and metal album, None the Wiser, with his rock band Caned By Nod, the man got right back on the saddle again and had himself a busy year in 2022.

Aside from touring and playing shows with Clint Black, the man has also been hard at work in the studio here recently, teasing some “badass duets” he has in the works.

He shared in a Facebook post:

“Working on some badass original duets with some badass singers that will be named later. Going into the studio this November to start the new album.”

With that being said, although it wasn’t a “badass duet,” Jinks played a badass original song at one of his recent shows in Vegas.

In good ol’ Jinks fashion, he introduced the song by saying:

“We figured that, what better place than Las Vegas to play a brand new song. So I would preface this with we’re gonna try not to f*ck this up.

But you know we’ve been really fortunate throughout our careers, this group of guys right here with us and our crew, and all of our people that we’ve been playing together with for years and years.

We’ve been playing together with each other, and having a lot of fun doing it our own way, so we’re  gonna play a new song for ya, this one’s called ‘Changed the Game.'”

“Changed the Game” is an up tempo boot stomper, and Jinks sings about the journey he and his band have taken over the years to get to where they’re at now, and how he always stayed true to himself and marched to the beat of his own drum.

And you’re damn right he changed the game… Cody Jinks was one of, if not THE, first independent artist to start racking up these Gold and Platinum records. No support from country radio, no big label with deep pockets… just good old fashioned hard work and talent.

But as much as we love our sad country songs over here, you gotta enjoy a high-powered joyful song full of reflection… and just a little bit of a “f*ck you” sprinkled in there.

Check it out, because this one just might be the man’s next big hit:

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