Diplo Drops First Official Teaser Of “Wasted,” Featuring Koe Wetzel And Kodak Black

Koe Kodak Diplo country music

It’s coming… SOON.

The song I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear, which is called “Wasted” and is a collab between EDM/pop producer Diplo, our guy and Texas rock star Koe Wetzel and rapper Kodak Black, might be here sooner rather than later.

Diplo first hinted at the project back in June, with Koe confirming on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast in August that it was actually happening, after we saw the three of them hanging out in Miami and filming what looks like a wild music video together.

And now, we have the first official teaser of “Wasted,” as Diplo just posted a clip from the video as well as part of the song, where you can hear both Koe singing and Kodak rapping some at the very end.

We also see Diplo sporting a white cowboy hat and camo jacket, telling the man at the front desk of the hotel that he’s checking in with his birth name “Thomas Wesley,” as opposed to his stage name Diplo, along with the caption:

“Thomas Wesley is back in business.”

And Koe commented “🥶🥶🥶” on the post.

Check it out if you want a taste of what’s to come…

Koe even told the guys the story of how it came to be on the podcast:

“Diplo hit me up, a song he was… he was just wanting to work together. And then he kinda hit me up, and he had a couple different artists he was sending me and sent me this Kodak track.

And I just kinda told him, you know, none of this is really going kinda the way that I’m wanting to throw the music out there.”

So Koe had planned on pretty much saying thanks, but no thanks, and keeping the idea in mind for something else down the road…

“And I was just gonna tell him, like legit, me and Dre are on the plane coming back, and I’m listening through everything, and he was kinda waiting on an answer.

And I was like, ‘Man, I think I’m just gonna you know, do my own thing. And we’ll work together, let’s cook something up one day.’

That night he sent me a track from Kodak, and was like, ‘What do you think about this? This is more your style.’”

With some added bass drum and guitar, the new song seemed way more in line with Koe’s musical style, and he ended up loving it:

“He threw some drums in it, a little guitar and bass drum. I was like, ‘Oh hell yeah.’ So we gave it to Kimball, we kinda worked it up, and then we went to New York and do some stuff with it.

It’s actually finished now, it sounds really fucking cool man. We’re excited about it, hopefully drop it here in the next month or so. Y’all are the first people to hear that.”

He also joked that they’re gonna switch it up a little bit on vocals (not true):

“I’m rapping, and Kodak is singing country.”

Honestly, I think that’d be really damn cool and could probably actually work, but Koe said it turned out to be a rock and roll song that he’s excited for all the fans to finally get to hear:

“It’s a rock and roll song, honestly man. I’m excited about it. Everybody we’ve showed it to has been really excited about. Ready to get it out there.”

The collab promises to be huge for each artist, and of course, will expose all of them to three totally new fan bases, which is pretty cool too.

Get ready, y’all…

And if you haven’t checked out the full podcast episode yet, what the heck are you doing? It’s a great conversation (one of my favorite episodes of the year) with some wild tales straight from Koe, so make sure you give it a listen.



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